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  • How do I sign up for Beginning Band?
    Please see the Steps to Joining Beginning Band section on this website.
  • When can I join Band?
    Beginning Band is only offered during 6th grade in West Aurora SD129. If you are not in Beginning Band, but would like to join band in 7th-12th grade, please talk with one of our band directors for more information.
  • Is Beginning Band a class during the day?
    Yes, Beginning Band will be a class that you have during the day in 6th grade - just like Science or PE. There are also times that you will have to meet as a band before or after school for special rehearsals or performances. More information about this will be explained in the Beginning Band Parent Meetings.
  • How much does Beginning Band cost?
    While there may be costs to be in Beginning Band, we always work with families to make sure that all our students can be in band if they want to be. Please talk with one of our band directors if you'd like more information about this. Specific costs are based on the instrument your student plays and if it is rented from a company or from the school. More information will be shared at our informational meetings in December.
  • When can I join Marching Band?
    Marching Band is available at West Aurora High School. For more information about band at West High, please visit
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