Class of 2026

Welcome to West Aurora High School!  There is a long tradition of excellence in the Fine Arts at West High, and we can't wait for your to become part of our Fine Arts family!


If you plan on taking more than one Art class in high school, we recommend that you take both Digital Art and Visual Art to be ready for anything and everything we have to offer at West High.

Digital Art introduces and expands upon foundation skills needed to work in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as photography.

In Visual Art, you will build upon your art education in the traditional areas of ceramics, drawing, and painting.



Continue playing your instrument at West High!  By joining West Aurora Bands, you’ll play four concerts a year and have the opportunity to join the Marching Band, Pep Band, and/or one of our jazz bands!  Simply register for Freshman Band to get involved!  If you play piano, bass, or guitar, we want you in our jazz bands!


Join the choir family at West High!  With almost 300 students in West High Choirs, there’s something for everybody.  Continue singing at West to sharpen your skills or join the choirs to learn how to read music and sing better.
Treble voices register for Bel Canto Choir; Tenor and bass voices register for Varsity Singers.


Register for Digital Music Production 1 & 2 and you'll use professional grade audio recording and editing software to learn the basics of songwriting and music composition.  No matter what style of music you like listening to, these classes will help you understand how your favorite styles of music are created and how you can create them yourself.


Whether you like being in the spotlight or running the light board, our Theatre classes are for you!  Both Theatre Arts: Intro to Acting is recommended for those that wish to continue take acting/directing classes at West.  If you are interested in Stage Crew, set design, lighting, or audio engineering, then take Theatre Tech and Design to learn how the theatre works from the inside-out.